In greenhouses

For the realization of this site, my most grateful thanks go to Caesar Solimbergo, for his friendship
and the extraordinary level of his photographs, my wife Ricky, for his help in the crucial moments and
the time that subtract for orchids, notes taken over the years, the passion and the work done in greenhous
The data on the classification and the origin of plants, coming from the literature or from the websites cited in the References.
The data on inflorescences and all photographs, come from our greenhouses
Some orchids, old collections from discontinued operations, have been found with incorrect names or not.
I'll be grateful to anyone who can help me find the correct nomenclature


july 11
pleasant visit Malanchini Daniela, daughter of engineer Luciano, which he founded with Guido Isnenghi
  the Bergamo Botanical Garden
june  27
visit of a group of teachers from Bergamo
december  7 visit to the greenhouses by a group of teachers and engineers from Catania and Paullo (Milan)
november  17  visit by a group of medical doctors from Bergamo Biella
october  29 From the Administration of the City of Lanate (Milan), I was invited to a meeting, also the Councillor for Culture
  of the Region of Lombardy, to visit the Villa Borromeo Visconti Litta.
  This beautiful sixteenth-century Villa has been recently restoredas well as the gardens and the Nymphaeum,
  with water funs of exceptional beauty and complexity. 
  Soon will be also restored the old greenhouses, where in 1930 they were already cultivated orchids.
june 4 The Italian Botanical Society expresses a "highly positive rating on the collection Hortus Orchis, of high interest and
  quality for the taxa preserved and scientific interest they represent "
for the Associazione Hortus Orchis is a great satisfaction and an invitation, to continue the safeguarding biological
and cultural heritage of this
april 23 visit of a group of ladies from Bergamo
april 17 visit of a group of ladies from Treviglio
march 25 visit of a group of Professors of Scientific Institute Natta of Bergamo
march 22 visit of Mr.Signori,who donated plant Baptistonia echinata Barbosa Rodriguez 1877, with dr.Rigon
march 21 visit of Prof.Tani (chair of Anthropology University of Osaka, Japanwith dr.E.BentEnglish botanist
march 21 visit to of Ms Breviando with group of friendsfrom Grassobio
march, 16  a Commission of experts and monitoring from the Italian Botanical Society, visited the greenhouses.
within a short time will come their assessment of the orchid collection
february 27
received as a gift a plant of Encyclia prismatocarpa Rchb. f. Dressler 1961, by dr. Rigon
decenber, 11 

for the boiler broke, greenhouses remained at c 4 (f 39) for five days and five nights.
I lost almost all the flowers, many plants have died, some have lost the apex 

november, 9   shared conference in Scanzorosciate 
november, 7  conference at Alzano Lombardo, from Zanchi
october, 12  Hortus Orchis receives the patronage of the Municipality of Scanzorosciate   
july, 20 

From a collection into disuse, I received, in poor condition (last repotting in 1991)
Cymbidium lowianum, var. concolor
Cymbidiums already in collections (erytrostylum, cochleatum, aloifolium)
4 Cymbidiums unnamed
Paphiopedilum purpuratum
Paphiopedilum lowii x rothscildianum
Paphiopedilum chamberlanium x delenati
Paphiopedilums unnamed 

may, 21  inauguration of the web site  
january, 27  gave a lecture on my orchids, with Cesare Solimbergo,
to the Goethe Institute Mailand 
january, 25  it 'started the flowering of Vanilla planifolia - the flowers are beautiful, each day one flower blooms
by the same inflorescence, for 4 - 5 hours. The plant is only 1.5 meters (6 ft) high 
january, 2 blooms for the first time Papilionanthe teres, two beautiful inflorescences.
this plant blooms regularly in Singapore, with 40° (100 f)  in the shade and 90% humidity.
how does a flower in Bergamo? It 'really good
october, 20 Paphiopedilum insigne bloom with two flowers on the same inflorescence.
it 's the first time, very nice
september, 24 Hortus Orchis has been enriched by these young plants :
  Coryanthes leucocoris 
  Cryptocentrum latifolium 
  Diodonopsis hoeijeri 
  Ionopsis uticolarioides
  Otoglossum coronarium
  Pteroceras semiteretifolium
  Scoenorchis fragrans
  Scomburgkia moyobambee
  Soterosanthus shepheardii
september, 15 came these young plants young people:
  Bulbophyllum grandiflorus 
  Dockrilla teretifolia
  Macropodanthus alatus
  Pseudolaelia vellozicola
july, 14 I gave a lecture, with Solimbergo Cesare, Rotary Bergamo ovest
april, 20 with Caesar Solimbergo, I conducted an evening on my orchids,
the FAB Group Flora Alpina Bergamasca entitled "Passion for Orchids








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