Ophrys bertolonii, subsp benacensis

 Oph ber 1       Oph ber 2

Ophrys bertolonii, subsp. benacensis   
(Ophrys benacensis)  
taxonomy described by Moretti, Giuseppe L.
  published in Brugn. Giorn. Fis.  2    1823
subsp benacensis        described by (Reisigl) Delforge, Pierre
  published in Bulletin de la Sociètè Botanique de Belgìque   115 : 276    1982
  family Orchidaceae
  subfamily Orchidoideae
  tribe Orchideae
  subtribe Orchidinae
  genus Ophrys  Linnaeus 1753
  chromosomes  36  (GIROS) 
native of      origins meadows and margins of thermophilous woods.
to Bergamo, Scanzorosciate, Albino and Nembro in Seriana Valley, in Zandobbio and Endine in Valcavallina
Sovere in Borlezza Valley, and along the shores of Iseo Lake in Predore, Parzanica, Sarnico and SoltoCollina
    Oph ber 3
  altitude 250 - 800 m  (825 - 2640 ft)
    Oph ber 4
the plant life form geophyte
  roots   two tuberoids ovoid or rounded
  nr. leaves 4 - 6, in basal rosette
  height 20 - 50 cm 
  nr. flowers 4 - 8 
  blooming april to may        
  index of rarity     90,47 
CITES appendix II


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