Tolumnia pulchella

Tolumnia pulchella

Tolumnia pulchella                                                                                                                                                          photo C. Solimbergo
(Oncidium pulchellum)
taxonomy      desribed by (Hooker) Rafinesque, Constantine Samuel
  published in      Flora Telluriana  2 : 101    1836  (january - march 1837)
  family Orchidaceae          
  subfamily Epidendroideae
  tribe Cymbidieae
  subtribe Oncidiinae
  genus Tolumnia  Rafinesque 1837
  chromosones 2n = 42
  metabolism CAM pathway, stomata of the leaves are open at night.
    (K.Silvera, L.S. Santiago, J.C. Cushman, K. Winter - International Symposium on Plant Biology, August 2013)
    it is useful give the soluble mineal nutriens, on the roots.
native of origins

humid forests in Carabbeans, Jamaica (Brown’ s Town, Manchester, Cockpit Country, Mandeville), Cuba, Guyana

  altitude 300 - 800 m  (990 - 2400 ft)
  habitat climate informations from Mandeville (Manchester, Jamaica)
    Köppen climate classification : Aw, tropical savanna climate (with a dry season and a rainy season)
    the weather station data (temperatures are calculated for an altitude of 500 m / 1650 ft) :
    Tolumnia pulchella b gr uk
  photoperiod in Mandeville this orchid bloom with a photoperiod, that varies during the year, from 12 h 32 m' to 11 h 28 m'
  life form epiphyte
  brightness         partial shade 
inflorescence    length 8 length cm  (3.2"),  axillary 
  nr flowers 2
  size single flower  2,5 L 1,5 cm (1" L 0.6")
  duration single flower
  time to bloom from birth, ~ 30 days
CITES appendix II

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